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WordPress now powers over 20% of the internet. Here’s what our customers say

Alan Bowden

It's amazing how simple and quick it is to update our website - now we can do everything ourselves in a flash

What makes WordPress the world leader?

How did WordPress get to its position as top CMS system?

We think that simplicity and ease of use has a lot to do with it. WordPress is a pleasure to use.

Another key feature is the ability to add new features and make changes. Your WordPress website can change its appearance by switching a theme, and new functionality can be added quickly. So your WordPress website can grow as your business grows. Keeping the system secure is also covered – updates can be applied automatically, and your website remains safe.

WordPress is an Open Source project, and at the same time, development is assured by a reliable company. This brings the best of both worlds to WordPress, and a truly huge community has developed around the software.

Sarah Williams

WordPress makes the new site simple to edit, it couldn't be easier to use.

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