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First Impressions Matter

Your website is your chance to make a good first impression. For your business, it will often be the first point of contact with your customer.

Our expert designers and developers will work with you to realise your vision.

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Designed for Business

Ibex will take the time to understand your target market, design, and build a machine to convert your prospects into customers.

Why choose Ibex for your web design project?

  • We take the time to understand your business and your market
  • Look at our portfolio - we don't turn out identikit websites - all our websites are lovingly crafted, bespoke designs
  • We provide a full service and we have all the expertise in-house to design, develop and market
  • We have years of experience and we have developed a process to ensure the success of your project
  • We know about SEO and marketing, so we build in optimisation from the outset
  • We offer great value - all our charges are agreed up-front and there are no hidden extras
  • We exceed expectations - ask our ever-growing list of happy customers
  • We stick around - as your business develops, we will be there to help your website evolve with it

Why use a specialised web design company?

Designing for the web is similar to designing for print in some ways – but there are important differences and it’s important to understand them.

In print, your user will see exactly what you see, and a skilled print designer will position elements on the page to lead the user’s eye to areas of interest, taking advantage of the fixed spatial layout of the page.

The web adds new dimensions. Now the user is not just moving their eye over the content, but is required to interact with the page, by clicking or scrolling for example. Navigation becomes an essential component of the design and the designer’s vision must translate into excellent user experience on a huge variety of browsers and devices.

This is a limitation but also a creative opportunity to an expert web designer, who will use techniques such as graceful degradation or progressive enhancement to ensure the successful realisation of their vision.

Good design is functional

Design has a job to do, and doing that job perfectly is the user experience. A good user experience will engage your customers, help them understand, and lead them to the action they want to perform. Such as buy your product or service.

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