Social Media

What is it?

Social media marketing is a vital marketing tool that is used for increasing your online presence and exposure. Social media is a medium that is used primarily to target consumers in a B2C industry but it can be used in B2B.

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram are examples of large social media platforms. The reason it works well with B2C is because there are high volumes of consumers using them. Also, each individual generally shares interests, hobbies and trends they associate themselves with.

Why is it good for business?

The whole point of business on social media is to increase engagement. If a consumer “likes” your page you can expose the brand to them consistently. Not only can you interest repeat customers, you can even find new ones with paid advertising.

Advertisers can target those who engage with similar products/services to theirs. Due to the massive pool of information that social media contains on individuals, advertisers will pay to use that information.

A lot of businesses have shifted their customer support services to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. It makes communications with customers much easier and more responsive.

How does it work?

Social media users associate their activity as “fun” and don’t associate social media with business, which is why it can be so effective for advertising and exposure because if they see an advert on social media it is instantly associated with their likes, interests and what they do in their spare time.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter advertising is all personalised through targeting. You can target very specific audiences that you feel will be most effected by seeing the ad (most likely to convert). Through the use of technologies like Facebook Pixel, you can track the success of social advertising all way through your website, to the final goal too.

You’ll generally find certain social media platforms are more suitable than others for your business. It’s a combination of what your customers are using, and what you are happy using too. It’s hard to fake social media interest for long and choosing a platform that you really like is a key part. Of course, you’ll need your customers to be on it too otherwise there is no point.

Each social media platform will have its own characteristics and unique users:

  • LinkedIn – great for B2B. A bit more conservative than say Twitter
  • Facebook – great for family and home related businesses
  • Twitter – great for fast paced businesses with a lot of up-to-the-minute news to talk about: events, news
  • Instagram – perfect for creatives, artists, and makers
  • YouTube – great for almost everyone – show and tells, how-to’s, walk-throughs, product reviews and more

If you’re starting out, don’t be tempted to use loads of different platforms at once. It can be confusing and a LOT of work. Start small, start easy, and grow from there. If need be, get some assistance. This can be getting someone in-house (or external too) to help either generate material in the form of images, or as copy. They can help with the managing of different platforms and share the load.

What can we do?

Social media requires a few things.

  1. Audience targeting – knowing who you are aiming your content and advertising at
  2. Graphic design – for shared content and adverts
  3. Engaging content – to keep posts interesting and informative
  4. Engaging content for ads to increase CTR

These are all necessary elements for a successful social media presence. Nice photos and attractive graphics are the key to improving brand retention and consistency while presenting an impressive and inspiring image. Our content writers consistently produce compelling text and have experience writing content for social media. CTR is based on a clever collaboration of the elements listed above.

Can Social Media effect SEO?

We offer Social Media Marketing in Kendal and surrounding areas. Social media and SEO are two tightly interwoven strategies which create inbound links to your website and your social media presence can greatly increase your search rankings.

You will have used Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn but struggle to use it effectively and regularly for the best results. Our management services help to get the best results from Social Media with regular updates to help you connect with your audience and build your brand online.

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Social Media