Pay Per Click Advertising

AdWords are Fast, Measurable, and Flexible

One of the advantages you get from an online advertising campaign, or even just having a website to promote your business is that you get to measure it’s engagement.

With SEO (search engine optimisation, editing the content of your site eg. adding links, changing the use of keywords) the results can sometimes take months to measure, and even then the results, though useful, can be vague.

With PPC (pay per click advertising) you can make very fast changes and see the results very quickly. This gives you powerful data on what your customer wants, and how they are looking for it.

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Fine tune

Unlike more traditional advertising, PPC lets you be very selective about who finds your results. So rather than paying to target everyone in a certain area, you can target demographics within that area searching for a certain keyword. This means you’re only paying to be seen by people who want to see your ad. You can also do the opposite…

Open up the search

If you want to increase your profile, being seen by as many people as possible, simply remove the filters and let your ad show on as many pages as possible. Even with a lower budget in mind, you can set a maximum price you’d be willing to pay per ad, meaning you can set a low bid to be given any available cheap ad space.

There’s a lot can be achieved by using filters…

With a little imagination you are provided with a tool to create a great customer experience

As an example, say you’re a BnB owner in Keswick and you have a room you want to fill: You can choose to run an ad, only showing it to people who are using a mobile phone, searching for ‘places to stay’, who are within a certain radius of Keswick. This ad can link straight through to your mobile optimised page with enticing information about staying at your BnB, maybe a late booking offer, and of course allowing them to book.

This is an example of when PPC really comes into it’s own. There are pitfalls though…

We recommend a combination of PPC and organic SEO

  • Pay per click advertising is not scalable. As your traffic goes up, so too does the cost of your advertising (the cost per click stays the same, but with more clicks comes more costs).
  • If your site is being optimised for organic results, with a set budget, each month you’ll be spending the same amount but, as your rank goes up you’ll be getting more clicks.

So when’s best to use PPC?

When to use Pay Per Click Advertising?

  1. If you have a specific advertising goal in mind
    If you have a campaign for a new product or service, pay per click is a great way to get it out there. You can start a pay per click campaign very quickly, and you can usually change the ad’s text mid-campaign, so adjusting your message is easy. If you want customers to find your product or service quickly for a finite time, PPC is perfect.
  2. If you expect customers to buy your product or service on the page they land on
    If you sell a product or offer a service that can be purchased the moment they land on your website, pay per click can work very well. Online shops often use this to great effect: With a well thought out ad, your customers will be clicking because they are interested in  your product or service, so every click becomes a potential conversion, so spending money to increase the number of clicks makes sense.
  3. Niche search terms
    If you are targeting a very specific search term, PPC can often provide bargains. For example, ‘Shoe Shop’ may prove to be very expensive, but ‘mens leather shoes bristol’ due to the lower competition could prove to be a bargain.

The overall rule of thumb?
Try to be goal driven. If you’re spending money on advertising it’s always good to know how you intend to get a return on that investment. It may be as general as gaining recognition but, the more specific it can be the more likely it’s success. Focus on conversion more than clicks!
One last thing not to forget is that, the results are trackable, no matter the outcome, the data is there for you to learn from.

Google Marketing

PPC is just one of the many digital marketing techniques you can use with Google. See all of our Google Marketing programs that we do.

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PPC is a very powerful and complex tool

Get it wrong and you can spend a lot of money very quickly for little return. Do it right, and PPC advertising can pay dividends. Our expertise and experience will help you avoid the pitfalls and maximise your campaigns

If you need help coming up with a plan, or implementing your online advertising campaign…