Graphic Design

Graphic design is no longer optional in the digital industry, evolution of digital marketing and web development has meant it is now essential to advertise and present information in a way that is easily digestible to consumers. Websites require attractive imagery and graphics to maintain and encourage engagement.

With more and more businesses using graphics it leaves those who don’t use it to look outdated and less established. This perception quickly becomes reality when all ads posted by competitors start to use effective graphic design in their advertising. At Ibex we have a great team of professional, and experienced, designers that are capable of making ads and web graphics look professional and impress consumers.

Graphic Design for Social Media

Graphic design is essential for Social Media because nice aesthetics are essential if you want social media users to stop scrolling, read the ad/post and either like or click through to the website. With modern engagement it is critical to add a call to action, attractive photography and to keep the colours consistent with the brand.

We have done this for our clients and Online Trophies is a great example of this. Their Facebook page has been completely refreshed by the use of graphics, take a look for yourself.

Graphics Used In Web Design

Graphic design is being used more and more in web design to improve the aesthetic and encourage engagement in the content. The click through rate (CTR) is a metric, all designers aim to increase, that implies heightened interest and engagement in the site. A more positive perception is likely to lead to further interest and, ideally, consumption.

A popular website style at the moment a simple title page but with visually stunning imagery/photos in the background. These type of websites require graphic editing on the background images. Graphic design isn’t just to improve engagement it is also used to add style, character and a professional feel to the website, which differentiates brands and business offerings.


Graphic design is essential for branding and logo design, creating the imagery, the positioning of the text and the colours used to characterise the brand. The whole development of the brand afterwards needs to stay consistent the original logo.

The logos on the left are examples of some of the logos we have designed, developed and maintained.

How does it work?

The less consumers read the more our imagination can fill in the blanks, improving perception through their own imagination. Using attractive imagery to leave consumers to make their own associations or leading them to believe they’re making their own conclusions.


Infographics have become very popular among the SEO theorists. Google now has the ability to read the content on photos, this has a drastic effect on the way data can be presented. It means we can display data and information in visually attractive ways and still strengthen SEO. A while ago we had to compromise by putting information in text blocks and simply use images and shapes to present data. Now we can can simultaneously display text and attractive imagery thanks to Google’s smart machine learning technology.

We have done our own infographic on our work with Google, see it here.


Google Marketing with Ibex creative