Email Newsletter Design

Build newsletters that your customers love

Email marketing is a powerful way of reaching your customers but it needs to be done responsibly. You’ll need a newsletter  displays well on all platforms and contains great content that is well laid out. You’ll also want to choose an email frequency that doesn’t annoy or overload your subscribers.

The system you choose to implement Email Marketing or Newsletters is crucial. It needs to be quick to learn, customisable – allowing you to add your own colours, content and links, and give you great stats on the emails that have been sent.

If you’re looking for alternative options for managing your email campaigns, our newsletter system, IbexMail, is built on Campaign Monitor and offers a range of advanced but friendly features.

Simplifying the task of communicating with clients via their inbox – it is easy to keep your audiences informed and engaged while reducing your setup and admin times. The template editor is really easy to use and you can save layouts for reuse in subsequent campains. The option to show newsletter stats in your Google Analytics is built in so you’ll have your finger on the pulse at all times. Match your brand colours, style your newsletters to fit in with your website design and you’ll have beautifully matching branded emails.

Talk to us about a newsletter template that you can re-use, that matches your branding and communicates your business message to your target market.

Peter Richards

Since we redesigned our campaigns, we have seen over 50% improvement in our conversion rate

Tips for designing beautiful marketing emails to transform your results

Design your marketing emails for today’s market will involve looking at a number of things:

  • Topics – probably the most important one – choose a theme to focus on
  • Keep your titles and text simple, catchy and relevant
  • Images – use high quality images and size them correctly before uploading
  • Make sure your messages are geared for phones and tablets – about half of email opens occur on mobile devices
  • Keep your layout clean and simple, avoid complex multi-column layouts.
  • Make sure your links are easy to click on touch-screen devices
  • Be consistent – choose a frequency for your newsletters – monthly, quarterley etc, and stick to it
  • Use a mix of content – text, images, video

Haven’t got the time to set up your email marketing? We can help.