Covid-19 graphics pack

Make your own signs using our free covid-19 graphics pack

Communication at the  moment is key. Even among friends we’re finding it hard to know what is acceptable with Covid-19 around.

If you have a shop or office that accepts walk in visitors, you’ll need to create signage for a clear message of what is expected. To help add a little extra visual impact, we’ve created some handy icons to help hammer home the message.

We’ve popped them all into a PowerPoint file, ready for use. Easy! Just move them, resize them and add your own text.
They will then print beautifully too! Feel free to use them for your signage on or offline.

Editable presentation file

Download the free icons, ready to use in a PowerPoint file >

Individual icons

Click an icon to open a larger version then Right-click and save the image.

covid icon virusPNG PNG PNG
Download a zip of all 6 PNG icons

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