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Ibex Creative is a Digital Agency that provides quality web design and digital marketing in Lancaster and the Lancashire area.

Collaboration with clients is our favourite aspect of our work, working with them, and achieving the desired goals. We create the best representation of our clients requirements, some digital agencies will simply tell you what they think is best and do it their way. After the initial build we do more than just host, we have a web support system in place to prevent issues and hacks but also update the software when needed.

The digital industry is competitive, the industry standard is forever increasing. At Ibex however the multi-talented and multitasking nature of our coders, designers and marketers makes it easy to stand out above the rest. Our multi-disciplined experts make Ibex the success it is today and is the reason we get great testimonials and results.

Web design was the original market that Ibex entered, yet the market has evolved into a billion dollar industry. Thanks to the success of Search Engines and the growth of the internet, there has been a massive demand for digital marketing, graphic design and multi-site/domain expansion.

Digital Marketing

There are five aspects to a optimal online presence.
1. Web design
2. Professional, secure and supportive web hosting
3. Social media
4. SEO
5. Paid advertising

These 5 factors all contribute but are only effective if implemented together. Individually these are important but some are often left out and end up wasting resources that cost a fortune to create. The last 3 points are the most overlooked, the digital marketing elements. Digital marketing, these days, is as important as having the website (unless you have a consumer base that doesn’t use the internet). Digital marketing is the way to get consumers to your website. With more people on your website, the more business you are likely to receive.

Lancaster is very competitive online, so you need expert digital marketers to help gain some momentum. However, there are lots of niche businesses and industries in Lancaster that could be missing a trick by not having a good online presence. We offer Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing (SEO & PPC).

See our work with Google page.


Branding strategy in Lancaster has to take into account the variety within it’s economy as it ranges from local quality products to large chains and franchises.

Branding in Lancaster is unique because there is a wide audience from students to experienced professionals. With the right branding you can target segments simply and easily. At Ibex we can help design your brand and create an image that attracts the right audience.

As we said earlier we have talented graphic designers that can create effective brands and stay consistent throughout future design campaigns. Consistent design work is essential to maintain brand relevance and image. A great example of this is one of our current clients Online Trophies, see their website and Facebook advertising pages for brand consistent designs.

Web Design

Like all digital agencies we started off doing web design. The industry has evolved but our expertise and passion for web design are better than ever. We have a team of coding experts that are forever adapting to the new and emerging parts of the digital industry. Our specialism is speed and fast hosting, a very popular Google metric, that requires quality web building. Not only do we make good quality websites, our graphic design team can also make them look superb.

We use WordPress as our CMS (content management system) because in the industry. It’s simple, has the best support system and the biggest range of plugins available.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is an essential element to the digital industry as it provides the attractive imagery that is so important for engaging and interesting consumers. Digital adverts are required on almost all digital marketing channels from social media adverts, simple website photos, banner advertising, email campaigns and especially print campaigns. Our expert graphic designers make beautiful designs that perform well by converting consumers, maximising exposure and improving memorability.

Here at Ibex we use graphic designs in almost every element of our business. Graphic design is said to be ‘art with a purpose’, which is true. Graphic design is a form of visual communication, using symbols, images and words, with the objective of conveying meaning, ideas and concepts. It’s used to create a look that is a consistent expression of the brand yet moulds perception to it’s liking.

See some of our recent examples on our news page.

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We are passionate about what we do, and committed to doing everything right - not cutting corners. We would love to make a difference to your business.

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