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Who We Are

Ibex Creative is a Digital Agency that provides quality web design and digital marketing in the Lancashire area.

We consider ourselves digital partners, a company that you can always go back to for help. We don’t want to just set up your website and part ways. It is our objective to continue to support your website, look after your campaigns and continue the progression of your business.

Here at Ibex we have digital experts with years of experience that have a real passion for the industry. We enjoy what we do and we do it well. Our team of talented coders, graphic designers, marketers and developers create a digital agency that can offer a full digital service. Ibex is a small business yet has the talent and expert skills to compete with industry giants.

Ibex have a formula for successful web design, branding and digital marketing. This formula consists of three parts: creative content, simplicity and engaging design. Online success is achieved through a calculated collaboration of these aspects. We identify, strategise and implement an online presence and make it successful. Digital is the perfect medium because it can be an exponential success and self sufficient, if planned and applied properly.

Digital Marketing

A lot of clients just want a website (and hosting) but, these days, that isn’t enough. Having a website on the second page of google is the same as having a shop on the high street that’s underground with no front door. No matter how good your store, you’ll get no one in there. Why spend all that money making a store and not attract anyone in there? This is the same concept as making a website and not advertising online.

Lancashire is very competitive online, so you need expert digital marketers to help gain some momentum. We offer Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine marketing (SEO & PPC).

See our work with Google page.

Web Design

Web design is one of our many services but is the foundation on which we built ibex. Our specialist creative teams have had years of web development experience and will make your website extremely user friendly, intuitive and look stylishly modern. At ibex we use the simplest yet most effective Content Management System, WordPress. WordPress makes our job, and yours, so much easier as it is the most simple and instinctive, making it easy to teach to our clients. We feel that it is important that our clients learn how to use and update their website by themselves.

We build and update websites so that they can reach their highest potential, to fulfil their intended goals. Objectives differ for every website depending on the impression that they want to give. Most websites want to be fast in order to facilitate consumers impatience (improving engagement), where as some simply want to look good. Here at ibex we are specialists in fast hosting and optimising site speed, but we also have experienced graphic designers to make them look fantastic!


Branding strategy in Lancashire has to take into account it’s distinct economy as it ranges from local quality products to mass producing corporate giants. There are multiple target audiences that businesses could target in Lancashire, you can go for the local branding approach or take the national option. Each strategy will have it’s benefits, depending on the industry. Branding needs to sum you up perfectly and also needs to be recognisable and define the service you offer in an instant.

As we said earlier we have talented graphic designers that can create effective brands and stay consistent throughout future design campaigns. Consistent design work is essential to maintain brand relevance and image. A great example of this is one of our current clients Online Trophies, see their website and Facebook advertising pages for brand consistent designs.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is an essential element to the digital industry as it provides the attractive imagery that is so important for engaging and interesting consumers. Digital adverts are required on almost all digital marketing channels from social media adverts, simple website photos, banner advertising, email campaigns and especially print campaigns. Our expert graphic designers make beautiful designs that perform well by converting consumers, maximising exposure and improving memorability.

Here at Ibex we use graphic designs in almost every element of our business. Graphic design is said to be ‘art with a purpose’, which is true. Graphic design is a form of visual communication, using symbols, images and words, with the objective of conveying meaning, ideas and concepts. It’s used to create a look that is a consistent expression of the brand yet moulds perception to it’s liking.

See some of our recent examples on our news page.

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We are passionate about what we do, and committed to doing everything right - not cutting corners. We would love to make a difference to your business.

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