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Who Are We

Ibex Creative is a Digital Agency, based in Kendal (Cumbria), that provides quality web design, graphic design and digital marketing in the Cumbria area.

We consider ourselves digital consulting partners, a company that you can always go back to for help. We don’t want to just set up your website and part ways. It is our objective to continue to support your website, look after your campaigns and continue the progression of your business.

Here at Ibex we have local talented digital professionals and marketing experts that think creatively to achieve the best web performance and development. We have a real passion for the industry, enjoy what we do and we do it well. Ibex offers a full digital service with departments for all areas of building a digital presence. Ibex is a small business yet has the talent and expert skills to compete with industry giants.

We offer many expertise but one thing we pride ourselves on is our speed, our optimised web builds and hosting offer high speed and responsive web browsing. This is one thing we are trying to portray but struggle to find the words to express it’s importance. Speed is becoming a highly reputable google ranking metric and we want our clients to know that we will make their websites faster and more effectively than other digital agencies.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing in the current economy is essential and vital for growth. These days consumers not only expect a website but they expect their website to be advertised to them in one way or an other. Any industry leaders will use digital marketing to maintain and grow business, to encourage new and repeat business. How would you expect to enter a market without letting your target audience know you are there.

Cumbria is not that competitive online compared to some other districts, so you need expert digital marketers to help exploit this opportunity. We offer Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine marketing (SEO & PPC).

See our work with Google page.

Web Design

Web design is one of our many services but is the foundation on which we built ibex. Our expert coders, marketers and designers have had years of experience and will certainly get your website sped up, look stylish and reach the right audience.

At ibex we use the simplest yet most effective Content Management System, WordPress. WordPress makes our job, and yours, so much easier as it is the most simple and instinctive, making it easy to teach to our clients. We feel that it is important that our clients learn how to use and update their website by themselves.

All companies have different aims and objectives when it comes to web design. Some businesses want their site to be completely built to so well with SEO, some prefer a site that is easy to use and navigate around and some simply want the site to look better than the rest. We feel that the best websites are a combination of all these elements.

Web design perfectly collaborates our designers and coders to make a sophisticated yet simple websites that looks visually stunning, not overpowering, but still function to a high standard.


Branding strategy in Cumbria has to take into account it’s distinct economy as it ranges from local quality products to mass producing iconic brands. There are multiple target audiences that businesses could target in Cumbria, you can go for the local branding approach or take the national option. With the Lake District at the heart of Cumbria it seems that brands often use the lakes as a visual or theme to their brands.

As we said earlier we have talented graphic designers that can create effective brands and stay consistent throughout future design campaigns. Consistent design work is essential to maintain brand relevance and image. A great example of this is one of our current clients Online Trophies, see their website and Facebook advertising pages for brand consistent designs.

branding examples of logos

Graphic Design

Graphic design is an essential element to the digital industry as it provides the attractive imagery that is so important for engaging and interesting consumers. Digital adverts are required on almost all digital marketing channels from social media adverts, simple website photos, banner advertising, email campaigns and especially print campaigns. Our expert graphic designers make beautiful designs that perform well by converting consumers, maximising exposure and improving memorability.

Here at Ibex we use graphic designs in almost every element of our business. Graphic design is said to be ‘art with a purpose’, which is true. Graphic design is a form of visual communication, using symbols, images and words, with the objective of conveying meaning, ideas and concepts. It’s used to create a look that is a consistent expression of the brand yet moulds perception to it’s liking.

See some of our recent examples on our news page.

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We are passionate about what we do, and committed to doing everything right - not cutting corners. We would love to make a difference to your business.

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