Your designs, ibex’s functionality: a great mix for Cold Mountain Kit

Online shopping done right!

Cold Mountain Kit are a company trying to take online shopping to a new level of quality and care. They are clearly passionate about the community that surrounds the activity their products enable people to take part in. There’s a real sense that they are trying to bridge the gap between the user and their shop that is inevitably imposed when shopping online, so rather than just provide their products in a easy to find manner (which they have) they also back it up with an ever increasing knowledge base that means you’ll get the guidance you need to make the right choice to both stay safe and get the most enjoyment from your purchases.

Here’s a little of what they say for themselves…

About Cold Mountain Kit.

Our ethos and what makes us tick

Cold Mountain Kit was established in 2011 and began as little more than a kit kiosk. For those that remember those humble beginnings I think you’ll agree we’ve come a long way. We are now officially the only truly independent climbing shop in London.

The hardest decision so far has been whether to sell our kit online or not. Online shopping obviously has its benefits, but it has also led to the decline of small, independent climbing shops and this in turn means the loss of the experience and knowledge those shops had to offer.

We have taken over a year to design our website because we want to offer our customers all the good things involved with online shopping, along with the service, knowledge and quality we offer in the shop.   Even though we are online it’s massively important to us that our customers know they can come and see us in person, to look at the kit, try things on or just hang out for a chat.

It’s taken two years to create the beginnings of what we want Cold Mountain Kit to become, and we are looking forward to making it better and better.  From the first sale we ever made, a chalk bag to young Lewis, through to portaledges that have journeyed to Yosemite, we know we wouldn’t have made it this far without the support of our loyal customers, so thanks to you all.


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