Highly connected, cross promoting service website: Printing Plus

Printing Plus provide excellent customer service and pride themselves on offering a level of support that can aid you at any point on your business’ journey.

How do you capture that in a website?

With a clear goalĀ in mind we set forth to produce an effective service website…

Capturing the important facetsĀ to how Printing Plus work

There are two very defined areas to the Printing Plus website; one focuses very much on getting you the information you need relating to the service you want. The other is all about your business sector or, put another way, your needs, what they are and how they can be taken even further.

It aims to inspire and aid you in your search for a way to shine out from your competitors.

Keeping the user engaged

The two sections, though providing two very different ways into the site are highly interconnected, meaning that relevant information is provided at all times with links to further reading, such as testimonials and case studies from past customers about the product or service you are viewing.

The end results

All this builds up to make for an engaging and content rich site that reassures and educates the site user, leaving them confident to pick up the phone, or leave an enquiry through the site.

Room for more?

The site has room for expansion with a social media section that can be turned on in the future to further promote interaction with the friendly folk at PP.