Responsive redesign for Smart Carts UK ecommerce site

Smart Carts are a quality product, as such they carry a premium price tag. The job of the site, other than to make it easy to purchase a Smart Cart, was to demonstrate the value for money behind investing in such a quality product.

To ensure Smart Carts’ website is useable across any device that views the website, we created a:

Responsive redesign

With the redesign we focused on:


Rather than produce sales based copy, the job of selling Smart Carts has been left to the many happy customers. A growing collection of testimonials is being collected, these are all from real world user of Smart Carts, and are unanimously happy with their purchase.

On the site you will find both written and video testimonials.

It takes a great product to get this much positive feedback, and Smart Carts have it by the barrow load (sorry, there had to be a wheel barrow joke in here somewhere).


From first glance it may not be clear why a Smart Carts would be a better choice than a conventional wheel barrow. To better explain the benefits, how they fit into the working life of stables, farms, and gardens, a comprehensive about section has been created. And after the responsive redesign the information can be easily read/viewed on any screen size.

Available products include: