Quaker Tapestry

Quaker Tapestry had a website but needed to expand into the digital world of e-commerce. The driving force behind this change was to improve the professional perceptions of the business and therefore get more online bookings and a reduced bounce rate. Conversion was also a consequence of this.

The team at Quaker Tapestry claimed to “enjoy every moment of creating the new website with the Ibex team“, a huge compliment as we thoroughly enjoyed working with them. The enjoyment of creating a clients website is a two way street, if they enjoy making and creating their new website then so will we.

Ibex developed the new mobile-friendly site using WooCommerce. WooCommerce offered the perfect blend of design freedom and site management; easily managing discounts, stock and featured items.

The new website has encouraged more engagement in the site, we tried our best to integrate and weave the branding into the website, which went down well at Quaker Tapestry. Navigation was made simple, with drop down boxes and colour coordination. It uses WordPress, the largest content management system at the moment, so it’s very easy to use.

We also aided in helping them understand the benefits of social media: “The new site has given us a new lease of life with social media too so we are realising all sorts of new opportunities and potential for audience development.”  Social media provides a rich hub of content, sticky content is highly effective for search engines, designed to drive visitors to the site and encourage repeat visitors.

The e-commerce design was made to look simple, elegant and, above all, easy to use, while maintaining brand identity.