Pure Stone’s online brochure website

*** Update *** Pure Stone have had a 2021 website update – see the new Pure Stone site here >

Pure Stone’s online brochure style website

With Pure Stone producing such a fantastic finish in their application of their product in the real world, it was clear they needed a graphically driven site, something people would draw inspiration from and browse as a way to get excited about their next potential project.

With that in mind, and after discussing with the client, sketching ideas out and seeing how their range could be presented without overwhelming the user with options and information, we came to the conclusion that two main sections were needed to produce an online brochure style website;

  1. A section to showcase previous jobs would serve as a portfolio, it would grow and become a resource for ideas on how their stone tiles can be used, and as an area to show off what they have done in the past.
  2. The other section would be a more practical area with information about sizes and uses of tiles as well as more illustrative photography to show the details of the tiles rather than examples of their potential uses.

Strong interconnections, a truly interactive online brochure

Of course, the main sections, the portfolio and the catalogue, work well for each other, if you’re looking at a beautifully decorated kitchen and want to know the tile type used, and the details relating to it, you can simply click a button and be on the product page, if you’ve browsed the product gallery and have found a tile you like but don’t know if it would suit your project, simply click to see examples and you’re in the portfolio section. This cross promotion creates a strong online showroom experience that lets the user paint a picture in their own mind of what they can achieve with Pure Stone’s services.

The ultimate goal of Pure Stone’s website

Pure Stone are praised for creating a personal relationship with their clients, they listen and learn from what you feel you need whilst providing valuable information and guidance on the most viable options for your needs. At the point where you want to contact them there is always a relevant form you can pop some details in, or there’s always the offer of a phone call to talk through your needs.

Supporting Extras

Special Offers

Alongside the portfolio and Catalogue there’s also a section that displays special offers. The offers will show up in ordinary searches as well, but if you’re after a bargain you can get straight to the goods here.


Kirkby Lonsdale is a beautiful place, it’s worth a visit on it’s own merits, but it’s always nice to have an excuse. So we made the most of it, providing an area that showcases both the town and Pure Stone’s two showrooms.

Testimonials, Blog, about

Pure Stone have had some brilliant feedback from their customers, with many happy to show off the work they’ve had done by them, this makes for a great read if you wondering what you can expect from the process of working with Pure Stone.

Add to that their blog and about pages and you get a real feel for the local goings on and all things Pure Stone.

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