A polished and refined website for London based catering and event company – Rare Food

Website redesign

The aim of the Rare Food website redesign was to “create a website which reflects Rare Food’s business, which can be used, and looks stylish on all platforms including mobile”.

When dealing with a product and service at the level of quality that Rare Food deal with the site’s job became about getting out of the way and letting their hard work stand out.

Communication and Meetings

Effective communication is key to a successful website project, from the initial meeting where you may not have a clear idea of what your site needs to be, or perhaps you have a very clear idea but are unsure how it can be implemented, it’s this dialogue that will help us understand you and your business.

With Rare Food being based in London we used Skype video conferencing to facilitate these ‘face to face’ conversations. This also enables us to share what we see on our screen to effectively walk our clients through any training and troubleshooting they may need.

By simply talking through where you feel you are, where you want to be, what is currently working for your business, and what isn’t, we’ll see opportunities. We’ll be able to suggest ways in which areas that have remained untapped can be best used to your advantage, helping any business that’s plateaued or is keen to sustain their growth.

Only once we feel we understand you, your needs and your business. Where opportunities lie, what goals you want to achieve, and we’ve set out a plan for how to achieve them do we start the design process.

We’d already worked with Rare Food (this was a redesign of their original site) so we got straight on with design ideas.

Design Process

All ibex clients are given their own unique design proofing area where every stage of their project is documented and accessible to them. We’ll often create wireframes, static layouts and designs, and working demos, documented at each stage with a round of feedback from the client so we ensure we’re always in keeping with your business’ vision.

Our initial ideas for Rare Food involved a lot more user interaction and cross linking of relevant content than their existing site had. Kate was keen to keep the site as clear of distractions as possible. Listening to her feedback and sharing a few ideas, we created pages with a much more singular purpose, showcasing Rare Foods fantastic photo library of work with clear written content set to a well spaced vertical rhythm to allow a pleasing reading experience, and a visually impressive gallery that works well on any screen size.

By combining our ideas, the end site has come together as a focused and slick experience, with no fuss. It stands as a fantastic showcase of Rare’s talent and offers a simple user experience that steps out of your way to allow you to get where you want to be easily.

Watch Rare Food in action catering for Game of Thrones

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