Partnership In Practice – Directory of Services

Working with the NHS

We’re really proud of our involvement with the NHS Directory of Services website. After being approached for a solution to a major problem facing GPs, we quickly came up with a well fitted and self managable system.

A Common Problem

GPs were struggling to find up to date, relevant information on which services provided what help, and to which patients. With no easily updatable method of delivering information about the services for patient referrals, time was being lost on finding appropriate services.

Our solution

We proposed a highly graphical, friendly looking site with a detailed category system (represented by clear icons) that would make it easy for GPs to find appropriate services with just a few clicks of their mouse. All downloadable content would be easily accessed from service specific pages, along with live google maps, and links to relevant websites and contact details.

Staying up to date

The system encourages updates by offering users the ability to rate the information about the services. A star rating can be given along with suggested improvements. That way the site can constantly evolve to best suit the GPs needs.


Services can be edited by multiple users, meaning each service provider can be in charge of their own information, spreading the work load of the data management across a large number of users. Overall admins can also oversee the directory in it’s entirety to ensure consistency.

We’ve Had Some Great Feedback

Cumbria partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s Directory of services web site has gained national recognition. The NHS Institute for innovation and improvement have looked at the site and decided to include it on the High Impact Innovations web site to showcase how digital support can enhance communication across the NHS

The Directory will be shown on the HII site from December the 1st in the Digital first area. Once this has been done the intention is to showcase the directory in greater detail in January 2013.

Phil Thomas, Associate for High Impact Innovations at the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement stated

The Directory is easy to use and navigate around, with easy access to important information which I believe enhances patient care by assisting speed of access to services. The directory has possibilities for further advancement and it could be utilised in future as a method of online referral between health professionals in addition to its current role

The full article has now gone live, with a more in depth study to follow.

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