Lancaster District Magazine

The site is now an excellent resource for residents and businesses in the area, with up-to-date information, business listings and advertisements, and online competitions. The magazine is available to read online via and the entire site is responsive, making all the information easily accessible on any device.

User added content

Users can also submit their own information about events in the area. Businesses can list their details on the site with them then being findable by either a map or category based listing system, making them easy to find.


There is an advertising platform in place with ads displaying only in area where site visitors are more likely to engage with specific ads. Ads can have an expiry date set when they are added so they will only be live for as long as the advertiser has paid to have their ad on the site, no worrying about forgetting to take ads down and undermining the value of your advertising space!

Where from here?

The magazine is now firmly ahead of its competitors and set to continue its success – well worth a visit for anyone in the area or planning a visit.