An easy to edit Portfolio Website for Architects & Landscape Designers: Damson Consultancy

One thing Damson told us when we first started redesigning their portfolio website was that they find it hard to make time for keeping it populated and up-to-date. This is something that we hear from most of our clients, and it’s something we strive to provide a solution for.

Simple to update portfolio website that focus your editing to only the necessary parts

In building a site specifically for your needs, we consider what goes where, what you’ll need, and what you won’t. Only the parts of the page that you may want to change are shown when you come to edit it. Rather than seeing every option on every page, your content becomes context aware, slideshows and images, extra text areas, page options, they’re all displayed, or hidden, dependent on what the page type is.

What does this means for you as a website owner?

It saves you time, keeps the editing and content creation process simple and more enjoyable. In turn, this means you end up with a site you’re more likely to work with, keeping it looking fresh and eventually with a great collection of rich content.

In providing Damson Consultancy with a streamlined website that is simple to update and navigate, they have a much denser populated site than the one it replaced already.

And of course the more images they add of their fantastic work, the better it looks!

Damson Consultancy’s Work

Damson are specialists in two areas, Landscape Design and Architecture. These two disciplines have their own clear areas in the site, but to draw them together, all the projects are displayed together in one place. Each project is represented by a photo or image from that project, so it becomes really easy to see the kind of work Damson do, and seeing the collection together makes for a strengthened view of their work as a whole.

Above the image grid there are filters to narrow your view by displaying just the projects you’re interested in.

Any prospective customer on the site will quickly be able to view work from a similar project to what they may have in mind, reassuring them that Damson have the skills and quality of delivery they need to envisage their own project and make it a reality.