Cold Mountain Kit

How Ibex transformed the e-commerce sales of outdoor equipment for this London-based retailer of technical mountain gear

The existing site was not performing, and proving difficult to maintain. Ibex developed a new mobile-friendly site using WooCommerce. WooCommerce offered the perfect blend of design freedom for the front-end, and ease of updating for the back-end of the site.

The new Cold Mountain Kit site is a rich hub of content for climbers. The “knowledge base” section has gear reviews, tips, articles and videos – all designed to drive repeat visits and keep visitors on the site. The result is that average visitor duration on the site is well above the competitors – this kind of sticky content is highly effective for search engines. The analytics bear this out – traffic is up by 20% and the bounce rate has halved.

The e-commerce design ensures that products are shown alongside the content, with a sidebar showing recent products and featured products. Sales of gear are also driven by brands – so products can be easily filtered and browsed by brand.

The quality design and authoritative content promote trust in the brand, and this is reinforced by Trustpilot reviews, with an excellent 5-star rating shown at the top of every page.

Navigation is critical of course – Ibex paid special attention to the navigation, with the result that finding your perfect gear could not be easier. Filters by brand, colour, brand are available, and even by the specialised use of the product – so if you are a beginner, no need to search through unsuitable products – filter your selection to find beginner-friendly gear only.

Social is also a vital part of the marketing mix – with so much high-quality content, social sharing pays dividends – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the main social platforms, with Vimeo used for a growing video resource.

The final evidence is in the sales figures – sales are up by an incredible 60%.  These are early days – with the new site providing a solid e-commerce platform and central marketing hub, the sky is the limit.