Clean, responsive website for a local travel clinic

People don’t want to think about illness when they’re planning a holiday. Healthub provide a great service to get you the vaccinations you need to have a safe and healthy journey. To reflect this a clean, responsive website focuses on the desired outcome of getting your travel health looked after, and you having a good time on your journey.

User feedback

In order to simplify and speed up your experience with Healthub an online questionnaire has been provided through the new website. It’s dynamic, so you only see the sections relevant to your needs.

This gets the information to Healthub with the least amount of hurdles for the user, increasing information accuracy, and conversion of people who actually fill in the form.

Always Up-to-date

From the homepage a feed of the latest news from the W.H.O. (World Health Organisation) is automated to display the latest international health news, keeping the site fresh and it’s users informed of any international news that may affect their travel.

Getting Found

At the time of writing, Healthub is number one in Google for the search term ‘travel clinic Lancaster‘.

Healthub Google Rank
Healthub Google Rank

A visually clean, responsive website

With the systems we put in place, a visually clean, responsive website, and the semantic way in which we build sites, we make it easy to keep up-to-date on the latest Search Engine Optimisation, meaning your site doesn’t sit around; it gets found.