Applegarth Healthcare

The site iBex provided for Applegarth Health care is fully customisable with editable slideshow, aggregated articles based on a category system, meaning links to new and relevant information is always close to hand wherever you’re viewing within the site.

Mobile friendly and beyond

The website goes beyond just providing desktop and mobile versions, with a truly fluid responsive layout it adapts to whatever size of screen you choose to view it from. If your on the move and viewing on your phone, you get the same page content as someone who views the site on a desktop machine but laid out in a way that is legible and easy to navigate on a smaller screen. Take your browser over to the Applegarth Healthcare website, resize your browser and watch it adapt.

Clear layout to get the information across

The site is is build with legibility in mind, the type is clear and uncluttered. It will zoom and adapt to user preset font sizes so people who are visually impaired won’t have to battle their browser to try and get it to a size that is easy to read.

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