PPC skeptics: Are you one of these 6 types?

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I recently read a very interesting article about 6 types of Pay Per Click skeptics at Search Engine Land. You may be worried about trying Pay Per Click but hopefully we can help you get rid of your concerns.

  1. The popular kid
    Being the popular kid in town is great — until it’s not the case anymore. There are always new businesses coming into your market, and some of those businesses are investing in their online presence.
  2. The thrifty one
    While that ad spend may seem like a lot of money, it doesn’t feel like a lot when the PPC is bringing in a nice chunk of money to your business.
  3. The scaredy-cat
    Any time you do something new, it’s scary — whether it’s starting a PPC campaign or riding a bike. But if you don’t give it a fair shake, you’ll never know. As a new channel to your business, PPC is really no different from trying any other marketing or advertising investment.
  4. The organic devotee
    The truth is that it’s dangerous to depend on only one channel. There are, of course, arguments both for and against the relationship between SEO and PPC in the SERPs (and now, with the new ad layout in Google, some say organic search may be losing ground).
  5. The cynic
    For this type of skeptic, I recommend starting smaller with the agency to see how it goes. There are usually things PPC professionals can do to make an impact on your current PPC account (like reorganizing the account structure), and this allows you to test the working relationship as well.
  6. The small business
    Yes, it can feel like a huge investment now, but as I’ve pointed out in this article, you have to spend money to make money.

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