New features of WordPress 4.4

The new version of WordPress appeared in December – what does it mean for your website?

Here are some of the highlights

Improved handling of images for responsive mobile views

This probably helps us more than it helps you, because we have always provided this functionality for you manually. Now WordPress does it for us, sweet!


WordPress adds the ability to embed your content in other websites. Using the oEmbed format, your website can become a provider, so that other websites can display a preview of your post. This functionality will be on by default, and can be disabled by installing a plugin, if you don’t want it. As well as allowing you to become a provider, there is now extended support for more providers.


This is important. With the development of the REST API, WordPress is becoming a more and more powerful platform for the development of custom systems, bespoke integrations etc. What does this mean for you? It means that if you ask us if we can connect your website to an external system (EPOS, Accounting, etc.), we are more likely to say yes, and less likely to give you a heart attack when you ask us about the cost!

Also, fast, lightweight, javascript-driven sites and apps are on the way – without starting again from scratch, watch this space!

Term Meta

OK, once again this is something techie to help us, and again, we have been implementing this in more bespoke websites and applications already. But we’ve had to do a lot of coding to make this possible, which translates to higher cost, of course.

Now that WordPress has implemented this feature into the core of WordPress, implementing complex functionality will become even more cost-effective.

For more details on these and other developments from Clifford, read the full post: