What does always-on SSL mean to your business?

online security ready

SSL / TLS ensures that the connection between your device (phone, tablet, PC) and the website that you’re using is encrypted. This means that data you enter, whether it’s a simple search term or your name and address, can only be accessed by that website – not by a third party. Always-on SSL means that the whole website loads securely.

Google will boost your search ranking if you use SSL

The web is moving toward being ‘secure by default’ – and Google is one of the leading advocates of this process. Securing your entire website, with all pages loading over SSL/TLS will now count as a positive factor in ranking your site.

Browsers may soon start warning your customers that your site is insecure

Google Chrome has announced that sites that load over http:// (that is, most sites at this time) should be marked as ‘insecure’. Creating trust is a very important goal of most websites – it’s important to ensure that trust is not compromised by a browser warning.

Always-on SSL is fast

https:// previously could be significantly slower than http:// – not any more! If properly configured, there is no slowdown in your traffic.

It’s affordable

Securing your web traffic is not expensive – new certificate providers and CDN systems have reduced the cost of https:// to the point where it’s a no-brainer.

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