3 reasons to invest in a mobile friendly website

mobile friendly website

Your customers are looking for your products and services online, and more and more, they are demanding a mobile friendly website experience.

In 2015, time spent on mobile devices exceeded time spent on desktop PCs, as had been predicted during the previous few years.


David Sear, CEO of Weve, had the following to say on the data from their recent studies:

Today, over 32 per cent of our 20-million, opted-in customer base are actively using their mobile as their first screen and most importantly going online and purchasing through their device. We’re delivering broadcast-scale audiences, consumers who actively want to engage with companies and brands through their devices. In combination with our deep and broad insight into our customers, it gives Weve a unique opportunity to bring consumers and brands together in new ways

If you haven’t got a mobile friendly website, you are not maximising the return from your investment.

Investing in your website is long-term.

Placing an advertisement elsewhere might bring some short term benefit – but consider that customers who see your advertisement will probably look at your website next.

Make sure your website represents your business, just as you do with every other aspect of the business. Potential customers will decide whether to enquire or to buy based on the impression of you that your website gives.

Switching to a mobile friendly website will boost traffic from search

We see this with almost every new site that we design and build. We always include a plugin that enhances the optimisation of the site, and follow best practices and Google’s recommendations to ensure that our websites get the best results possible. The result tends to be that our sites see a big jump in their position on Google’s search results page!