Improving the accessibility of your website

With new legislation around on the subject of Accessibility, it’s probably time you had a look at some of the basics. Why do it? There are a surprising number of online users who have a disability of some sort. Most commonly we think of the visually impaired but it’s more subtle and far reaching than…

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Covid-19 graphics pack

free covid-19 graphic icon pack

We’ve created some free downloadable icons to help you create informative signage of your own. Remind customers to take care of themselves.

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Image editing alternatives to Photoshop in 2020

If you have an online presence of any sort, you’ll need to deal with editing images. If you’ve had a website redesigned, or plan on updating your older site, an image editing app will be vital. Until now, you may have just taken images off your phone and uploaded them. Perhaps cropping them on your…

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