Actionable SEO in 2024

SEO is still massively relevant in 2024, and you can make an immediate start on the simple bits with this actionable SEO guide! Just break the task down into smaller tasks and work your way through them. Alarmingly few businesses are taking the time to just do good, basic house-keeping on their websites. If you…

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Our Work With Google

PPC Google tools infographic

See the full infographic here: Digital Marketing is a thriving industry and, thanks to Google, we now have a new range of services. We use the Google programs to help develop web presence and build awareness of your website. Google has become central to how we use the internet and our search terms are studied…

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The Secret to Engagement

using a tablet pc

  At Ibex we use our rule of three: Inspire, Interest and Inform. The concept of these engagement techniques are based on the science of persuasion and are considered as persuasion “shortcuts”. These shortcuts are: Reciprocity Scarcity Authority Consistency Liking Consensus Inspiring is based on liking the aesthetic imagery, for instant impact, and layout of…

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PPC skeptics: Are you one of these 6 types?

Online Marketing graphic

  I recently read a very interesting article about 6 types of Pay Per Click skeptics at Search Engine Land. You may be worried about trying Pay Per Click but hopefully we can help you get rid of your concerns. The popular kid Being the popular kid in town is great — until it’s not…

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Are you a guru?

linkedin homepage

Do you use LinkedIn? It’s an excellent platform to start conversations with potential customers and like minded business’s as well as advertise your skills and talents, oh and you won’t see endless videos about cute animals or epic fails as with Facebook. If you use LinkedIn, use it right. Here is a great example from an…

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Google AdWords Update

google logo

Last Friday, Google made some changes to Adwords listings – the search results pages on desktops will no longer show ads in the right sidebar. What does this mean for you, and in particular what does it mean when it comes to showing your all important advert campaigns? A Google spokesperson confirmed that ads will not appear…

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Ibex offer more in 2016!

portfolio grid

Are you aware of the full range of services that we offer? We are well-known as one of the top web design agencies in Cumbria  – but are you aware that we have equal expertise in other areas of design and marketing: SEO website optimisation? We can make your site a success. New brochure or…

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3 reasons to invest in a mobile friendly website

mobile friendly website

Your customers are looking for your products and services online, and more and more, they are demanding a mobile friendly website experience. In 2015, time spent on mobile devices exceeded time spent on desktop PCs, as had been predicted during the previous few years. David Sear, CEO of Weve, had the following to say on the…

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