Why might emails from your website end up in Spam?

Don’t lose potential customers! You have put a lot of effort into converting your website visitors – make sure you don’t lose them at the final hurdle. Here are some basic, and more advanced tips on how to ensure that emails from your website arrive correctly. First – check your setup. Send a regular test…

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What does always-on SSL mean to your business?

SSL / TLS ensures that the connection between your device (phone, tablet, PC) and the website that you’re using is encrypted. This means that data you enter, whether it’s a simple search term or your name and address, can only be accessed by that website – not by a third party. Always-on SSL means that…

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Web design as a profession

Website design workspace

Are we web designers a trustworthy profession? This week I’ve been involved in a couple of incidents that have reminded me that high standards might not be as universal as we’d like. Being held hostage over Domains Registered in the web companies’ name The first was a new customer who wanted to move to us…

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