The Benefits of Getting a Custom WordPress Theme

glasses retailer ecommerce homepage

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) that allows users to manage their own websites without any coding knowledge. One of the key features of WordPress is its extensive library of themes, which can be used to change the look and feel of a website. There are two main types of WordPress themes: off-the-shelf…

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Actionable SEO in 2024

SEO is still massively relevant in 2024, and you can make an immediate start on the simple bits with this actionable SEO guide! Just break the task down into smaller tasks and work your way through them. Alarmingly few businesses are taking the time to just do good, basic house-keeping on their websites. If you…

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Brathay Trust – Website Design Excellence Award

web excellence award charity category

The Web Excellence Awards, a respected international interactive web awards competition, has released the names of the latest winners for their exceptional work in web design and development. “Ibex Creative, a standout in the Charity category, was recognized for their impressive web development excellence. The entries were evaluated by a panel of international judges, comprised…

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Small business funding for Cumbria

Are you wanting a new website? Ready to fresh your current one? Your website forms the hub of your online marketing and should be working for you. It should be easy to edit and update, showcase your finest work and act as the backbone for all your digital marketing. If it isn’t, maybe it’s time…

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The Gutenberg Block Editor, and why you want it

gutenberg blocks on a web page

So what is Gutenberg? The latest WordPress editor is a fast, easy to use layout tool that makes editing your website a breeze.
If you’re still stuck on the Classic Editor, it is high time you switched! Find out why…

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Image sizes and formats

hot air balloon photo

Unsure about image sizes on your website? We’ll look at why sizing your images for your website is important. What we are aiming for: Resize Name correctly and save in the appropriate format Compress Upload Fill in Alt text in your image library First, a little about images: They are made up of pixels and…

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Image editing alternatives to Photoshop in 2022

group of people having neon party lite

UPDATED July 2022: If you have an online presence of any sort, you’ll need to deal with editing images. If you’ve had a website redesigned, or plan on updating your older site, an image editing app will be vital. Until now, you may have just taken images off your phone and uploaded them. Perhaps cropping…

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Improving the accessibility of your website

accessibility illustration

With new legislation around on the subject of Accessibility, it’s probably time you had a look at some of the basics. Why do it? There are a surprising number of online users who have a disability of some sort. Most commonly we think of the visually impaired but it’s more subtle and far reaching than…

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Do you really own your online business?

balancing act

Going with Etsy, Facebook or Amazon for your store? Or were you thinking of setting up your own ecommerce shop? While the major platforms have their advantages, they do offer some serious drawbacks too. Have you considered all the implications and read the fineprint? Here are some of our thoughts on the matter…

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Why might emails from your website end up in Spam?

hosting controls your emails too

Don’t lose potential customers! You have put a lot of effort into converting your website visitors – make sure you don’t lose them at the final hurdle. Here are some basic, and more advanced tips on how to ensure that emails from your website arrive correctly. First – check your setup. Send a regular test…

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Our Work With Google

PPC Google tools infographic

See the full infographic here: Digital Marketing is a thriving industry and, thanks to Google, we now have a new range of services. We use the Google programs to help develop web presence and build awareness of your website. Google has become central to how we use the internet and our search terms are studied…

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The Secret to Engagement

using a tablet pc

  At Ibex we use our rule of three: Inspire, Interest and Inform. The concept of these engagement techniques are based on the science of persuasion and are considered as persuasion “shortcuts”. These shortcuts are: Reciprocity Scarcity Authority Consistency Liking Consensus Inspiring is based on liking the aesthetic imagery, for instant impact, and layout of…

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