Google AdWords Update

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Last Friday, Google made some changes to Adwords listings – the search results pages on desktops will no longer show ads in the right sidebar.

What does this mean for you, and in particular what does it mean when it comes to showing your all important advert campaigns?

A Google spokesperson confirmed that ads will not appear on the right side of desktop search results, with two exceptions:

1. Product Listing Ads (Google Shopping)
2. Ads in the Knowledge Panel

In addition, Google also says it may show an additional ad (four, not three) above the search results for what it calls “highly commercial queries.” Also we now know:

  • Three text ads will show at the bottom of the SERPs.
  • The total number of text ads that can appear on a SERP will shrink from as many as 11 to a maximum of seven.
  • Product listing ad blocks and Knowledge Panels (sometimes with ads, as tests continue in these spaces) will show in the right rail on relevant queries.

Will your Cost per Click (CPC) Soar?

The initial view is that fewer ads will lead to higher bids on keywords, due to supply and demand as advertisers will now be competing to show their ads in the main top three or four positions.

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